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Supplement Recommendations for Hair Problems
From Jeanne Chiang, M.D. at WholeHealthMD:

Treatment of hair loss is a situation where conventional and integrative medicine can work together nicely. If you suspect that a medical condition like a scalp disease or a thyroid disorder is responsible for your condition, see your physician for a checkup.
If no medical condition is found, stop and consider the "hair loss problem" in terms of your whole life: Reflect on your eating habits, your emotional stresses, and the day-to-day care (or cosmetic abuse) of your hair. Then use the entire supplement list as directed, every day for at least six months.If you make appropriately needed lifestyle changes and theres still no appreciable results, consider talking to your doctor about one of the new prescription medicines for hair loss, like minoxidil. 

How to Take the Supplements
You should already be taking a daily high-potency multivitamin supplement, along with extra vitamin C (1,000 mg) and vitamin E (400 mg).
Both evening primrose or borage oil plus flaxseed oil will help combat dryness in the hair and scalp; the omega-3 fatty acids in the flaxseed oil also reduce itching and flaking. (You dont have to slug down a tablespoonful of flaxseed oil each morning but rather mix it into some orange juice, a yogurt smoothie, or use it as a salad dressing.) Not only should you notice increased silkiness and lustrousness in your hair, but by using the flaxseed oil, your skin should become softer and smoother as well.  The zinc with copper, biotin, and vitamin B complex all contribute to healthy hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss. If hair loss is due to a deficiency of biotin, adding more of this B vitamin may even restore the lost hair. 
Taking grape seed extract, a potent antioxidant, will help to protect the delicate hair follicles from free-radical damage; it should also aid in preserving the collagen in your skin, including the scalp.
Selenium also aids in hair growth, while PABA works to prevent damage to hair follices. (A daily high-potency multivitamin should provide the necessary amounts of both these nutrients.)
Vitamin A, another antioxidant, is well known for its role in the development and renewal of skin and mucous membranes.
For special consideration:If you seem to be developing a male-pattern baldness (and this can happen to women too) try adding the herbs saw palmetto (160 mg a day) and pygeum africanum (100 mg a day). They may be beneficial because they help block the effects of the male hormone testosterone. If an increased estrogen effect won t bother an existing condition you have (such as endometriosis or breast cancer), try combinations of such traditional Chinese herbs as dong quai and shou wu; some products also contain Siberian ginseng. You can take dong Quai/shou wu pills of 500mg three times a day.
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